Brian Berardo
MBA, PMP (2011-2023), ITIL Certified

EARTHDAY SPRING FEST 2024 coming Saturday, 4/20/2024 at 3 PM (see Program Sample from Spring Fest 2022)


I seem to wear a lot of hats.  I’m a semi-retired IT consultant with an MBA in Information Systems, PMP (2011-2023) and ITIL certified. These days I’m engaged in environmental activism. ecꚚ offers a more earth-friendly, more durable alternative to plastic office chair mats. We’ve all become increasingly aware of the blight that plastic has perpetrated in our world, especially how it’s contaminating the oceans, its inhabitants, and our food and water supply.  The “Ꚛ” symbol in our name is the modern astronomical symbol for Earth (link).

In the community, I’m an advocate for combining fiscal conservatism and environmental action with socially progressive policies (  I’m presently serving on the Board of Directors for OUUF (Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship). My humor and élan derive, not surprisingly, from my many performances as the tenor lead in Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas in the Seattle and Bay Areas, in previews for Seattle Opera, and many concerts and recitals.  I live today in the Pacific Northwet with my wife Pamela and our many cats in occasional peace and harmony.