What we can do about Plastics

Worthy visions are all well and good, but without planning and doing, that vision has little chance of materializing. In the Men’s Group I attend weekly, our organizer posed this question to us as a topic teaser: “What has to happen before…?” In the case of plastics, MANY things need to happen before we can even begin to see a light at the end of the plastics tunnel. Here’s just a few:

1) Taxes need to be levied on plastics – see H.R. 5389, the “Reduce Act” presently sitting in Congress – we need to tell our U.S. Representative we expect them to support it (in this case, our Olympic Peninsula WA Representative. Derek Kilmer already does, thank the Gods, but we should also write the others!). 
2) We would do well to start making building blocks/material/consumer products from plastics that are tossed and giving tax breaks to those organizations that do so.  Additionally, they have to be reused in a SAFE manner.  Here’s just a few of these already happening: 
Also https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/10/phillipines-company-turning-plastic-waste-into-building-materials/   
Also https://www.wwf.org.au/news/blogs/17-cool-products-made-from-recycled-plastics

It goes without saying that we need to find and purchase food that is packaged to minimize the use of plastics. The following chart from the above link to weforum.org underscores this big time:

The above pie chart of estimated plastic waste by industrial sector was prepared by Ed Cook, Emma Burlow, Edward Kosior, Bernie Thomas, Brian Riise and John Gysbers in article “Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042: a use-based approach to decision and policy making.” and presented by “Resourcing the Future Partnership Steering Group”. The article was published in collaboration with Reuters 27 Oct 2021 by Adrian PortugalJournalist, Reuters.

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