A Meditation Plug

There are so many worthy traditions that practice meditation. They have a lot in common like ditching the past and future and living in the present moment – now. Among my favorites are Pema Chödrön’s “How to Meditate”, Deepak Chopra’s “Total Meditation”, Eknath Easwaran’s “Conquest of Mind”, and Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. I am so thankful to have enjoyed each of these tomes. Each brings a different yet shared beauty and joy to the reader. For me, some of the chapters are better than others in each of these books, but these resonate deeply and help guide me on my path.

In case you haven’t watched “Eating Our Way To Extinction”

This can still be viewed for free on YouTube and I believe it’s also available on Prime Video. While it may have a depressive effect, it does a good job of driving home the impact of our eating habits on our planet. Then this morning I found the following article on one of my newsfeeds. It seems wells are running dry in drought-weary Southwest as foreign-owned farms guzzle water to feed cattle overseas:


I had just finished an article for our UU weekly bulletin “Making Healthy Food Choices” in which I extolled the virtues of vegetarian and vegan diets and how they’re good for our bodies, the animals, and the planet. However, for those that struggle with these diets, we are blessed to have reducetarian.org reminding us that you don’t have to be a strict anything. They remind us that any reduction in eating meat helps move us in the right direction and away from the torture of factory farmed animals. My wife and I still eat meat occasionally, but we make sure that the meat is sourced from farms that are dedicated to grass-fed/grass-finished, pastured raised, and humanely raised animals. That’s the least we can do.

Statin Drugs in American Medicine

I came across this article the other day that I think you may find interesting:   One cardiologist’s mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol

One cardiologist’s mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol By Dr. Elizabeth Klodas High cholesterol? Here’s a pill. High blood pressure? Here’s two pills. High blood sugar? Here’s…

Unlike others, this doctor has a line of foods (Step One Foods) that supplement your diet and have been clinically proven to reduce LDL by an average of 24% without the use of statins.  This is huge for those who either can’t or won’t take statins due to the side effects.  Personally, I’m hoping I can simply change my diet sufficiently to accomplish the same results, but it’s encouraging to know there are options available that may make this easier.  This article is fairly brief, but I’ve never yet encountered a more concise explanation of how American medicine got to where we are today WRT (With Respect To) statins.